How I love you (2015)

Auteur : The Chapmans

Gildas : Voix


Paroles :


Another midnight come and gone
In the dead of late December
As the snow falls down upon my window cell
Here I sit all alone and gaze into the dying ambers
Of the passion that once should be like this bitter winter chill

Our dreams have died falling victims to decisions
That murder hope and leave the tears behind
Lord knows I’ve tried but I’m (catted) to your visions
I don’t have the heart to tell myself that you’re no longer mine

Was it something that I said
Or did I forget to say that I love you
Can will forget the hurt instead
And wipe the past away with I love you, how I love you

Now the pain is gone and there’s nothing (left) that but ashes
To show for the love that once were right
So I just sing this song until the heartache passes
And try to keep your memory from haunting me tonight